Wildlife Clinical Pathology Workshop

Clinical pathology is an indispensable clinical skill for veterinarian. Hematologic, fecal and urinal tests are powerful diagnostic tools to veterinarians. However, there is a huge divergence within wildlife species and usually wildlife veterinarian lack of basic reference materials. Therefore, we hope that through this workshop, we can provide you the opportunity for learning clinical hematologic techniques. In addition to mammals, we will also focus on birds and reptile examination and interpretation, and hope this would be helpful in your daily clinical practice.


The purpose of this workshop is to enhance the familiarity of clinicians with clinical pathology by lecturing on the various kinds of laboratory techniques, the differences among different species, and allowing participants to conduct practical hematologic tests and interpretations.

Intended audience
  • Any veterinarian, student or wildlife worker who is interested in the clinical pathology of wildlife
  • 15 participants
Tentative agenda
  • Introduction of wildlife clinical pathology techniques
  • Bird and reptilian blood analysis and interpretation skills
  • Blood parasites interpretation skills
  • Mammalian hematologic test practice and interpretation
  • Practice and interpretation of hematologic tests for birds and reptiles

Li-Wen Chang, Ph.D.
IDEXX Taiwan Medical Affairs Consultant

Dr. Li-Wen Chang graduated from National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) of Taichung, Taiwan and subsequently completed her Ph.D. at the University of Florida (UF), USA. She then worked as the graduate research assistant for the Zoo Med-Infectious Disease Testing Lab of the Small Animal Clinical Science department in the same university for three years. She then continued her residency in Clinical Pathology at Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital of NCHU. She also has the residency at the same institution for the Exotic Medicine. Currently, she is appointed as the consultant of IDEXX Taiwan Medical Affairs. Her responsibility is to provide and coordinate medical education in the clinical diagnostic testing of small animals to veterinarians and Universities, as well as lectures on clinical pathology and diagnostics. She also coordinates field studies, academic research resource networking and facilitates clinical research. Her professional interests are exotic medicine, hematology, clinical pathology, diagnostic testing, infectious diseases, virology, facilitative education and leadership building.